By clicking this link , the study prepared by Wirral Visitor Economy Network in conjunction with Wirral Council and the Wirral Chamber of Commerce may be read.

The aim of the study was to increase Wirral’s visitor economy to £550m by 2025 by encouraging more visitors to come and discover our hidden peninsula full of award winning surprises. "Golf" is the purpose of 0.2% of Day Visits compared with 24% for visiting an "Attraction". For "Staying visitors", the difference was even greater.

For current visitors, Wirral's ‘Coast and Countryside’ is strongly associated as a Tourist destination (91.1%), followed by visitors saying that Wirral is a ‘Great base between Liverpool and Chester’ (90%).

For future visitors, Cultural, heritage, good dining and outdoor spaces are important due to the nature of Wirral’s offer in heritage, culture and natural environment. Physical sports, clubbing and nightlife stand out as being of little interest.

Worthy of note is that, from a brand perspective, Wirral Peninsula denotes a relaxed, panoramic setting depicting coastline and countryside.

By clicking this link , the synopsis may be read.