The pond lying close by the Gilroy Nature Park known to locals and bird-watchers as "The Scrape" (seen in the photographic tour of the boundary at - click kere -  Image 5b  and background to this page ) was emptied when the drainage ditches were dug out and cleared without leaving a suitable weir to hold back the water.

The destruction of this site used by waders such as Black-tailed godwits, is a huge set back to anyone not wishing to see the development of the Hoylake Golf Resort proceed because "The Scrape" is Functionally Linked to the Dee Estuary Special Protection Area. More can be read at .

EU Conservation Objectives are important not only for the Dee Estuary but every other wildlife site (birds, mammals, reptiles, flowers, butterflies and moths, etc) in the UK. They are passed for the protection of our environment upon which we depend for our leisure, amenity, lifestyle, nature and agri-business.

Following construction of a weir, the water depth was rapidly re-established and the birds have returned.

The rapidity of the return to normality proves how important "The Scrape" is to the birdlaife of the area.

Since the incident, we have learned that a land agent is showing interest in the land surrounding "The Scrape", which is part of Wirral's Green Belt, for housing. More about "The Scrape" the adjacent "Langfields" and the proposal to build houses there can be read at

Council kept secret for four years the Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service recommendation that these areas be designated a Site of Biological Importance. A Freedom of Information Request revealed the report but the recommendation has not advanced due to prevarication by Council officials. It is hoped that a meeting to be held in January 2017 will resolve the matter and the area designated a Local Wildlife Site (previously, Site of Biological Importance).

Council's Statement "Gilroy Scrape, West Kirby"  can be read here.

Langfields Site of Biological Importance

The Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service recommendation that Wirral Council tried to keep secret can be read HERE .

The Resort site plan overlaid with the Langfields SBI can be seen

Image acknowledgement to nick miller with thanks