Nicklaus Joint Venture Group

10 MAR 2017

What do you know about the "Nicklaus" Joint Venture Group?

Wirral Council’s website states that the Hoylake Golf Resort partner is the Jack Nicklaus Group. This is misleading. The preferred partner is the Nicklaus Joint Venture Group (NJVG).

NJVG is registered in South Wales comprising 5 directors, some of whom are share-holders but none of whom is Nicklaus.

The latest Statement of Capital of the Company (Sept 2016) shows the company has 1000 shares each of nominal value £1 making it worth £1000.

Jack Nicklaus has no shares in the company.

Paul Stringer, Executive Vice President of Nicklaus Design LLC holds just 50 shares. Nicklaus is lending his name to the venture group, which is merely a group of property developers, in order to give it “kudos” with the local planning Authority. Nicklaus will then be given a large fee to design the course, if it goes ahead.

The majority shareholder of the company, James Anderson, holds 82.5% of the shares.

James Anderson has been the director of 18 companies, most of them dissolved.

James Anderson was the director of Carms Construction which built the houses at the Machynys Nicklaus Golf Resort. After the houses were built, Carms Construction WAS LIQUIDATED with liabilities of over £600,000. Machynys Homes (also of which Anderson is a director) which sold the houses, wasn’t affected!

When Carms Construction went into liquidation there were 81 Creditors. Many of them local suppliers of such as plumbing, electrical, tiling, carpentry and flooring, were owed over £1 million.

James Anderson also promised to bring a 125 bedroom four star Hilton Hotel to the golf resort in Machynys. The original planning application was for a golf course, hotel, spa and residential development.

Planning Permission was granted despite Environment Agency concerns about flooding.

The Hoylake site is on a flood plain and the Council’s website says “this detailed technical issue is one that the Nicklaus Group has experience in dealing with”. However, the Hilton Group pulled out of the Machynys project because of “flooding concerns”.

Carmarthenshire County Council were very supportive of the project and entered into agreements with James Anderson’s companies. Councillors enthused about how the hotel project would be fantastic for the area bringing jobs tourism and investment – just as Wirral Councillors are now telling us that the Hoylake Golf Resort will put Wirral on the map!

Two years ago, it was hoped that a group of Indian Investors would rescue the project, but nearly 15 years after the original Planning Permission was granted, the project has yet to get started.

175 executive homes did get built at the Machynys site selling for between £250,000 and £750,000.

Jack Nicklaus Design specialises in residential developments. His website states “Nicklaus courses outperformed courses by other name architects…when you evaluate such key factors as real estate value, home value, resale value and velocity of sales”

There are many problems to overcome for the Hoylake site; proving “very special circumstances” to obtain Planning Permission will be very difficult. There are issues with contaminated land, environmental concerns, traffic and flooding.

A recent Council commissioned study into tourism showed that tourists overwhelmingly associate Wirral with the Coast and Countryside (91.1%). Just 0.2% visit Wirral for golf – should the Council really be investing in a golf resort?

Council's own Consultants have stated that the resort is not economically viable without the luxury estate of 200 houses.

All of which could mean delays or problems that could lead to investors and partners, such as Celtic Manor, pulling out.

There is also growing opposition to the Hoylake Golf Resort with campaigns from both sides of the political spectrum against building on the Green Belt.

What would happen if the luxury housing estate was built, but due to one of many issues, the promised international, iconic hotel was not built? We would be left with a nearly 300 acre housing estate (a New Town as large as Hoylake) on precious Green Belt and all the promised jobs and tourism would not materialise.

James Anderson would walk away with a very large profit.

Was Anderson’s promise of a Hilton Hotel in Machynys a pipe dream or even a smoke screen to allow the building of a luxury housing estate?

Our Council states that they have undertaken “Due Diligence” when looking into the background of the Nicklaus Joint Venture Group. Given the track record of NJVG & James Anderson at Machynys, including his company that built the houses going into liquidation and the failure to build the promised hotel, there could be a high risk of the same happening at Hoylake.

Is this really the right developer for Hoylake's “Iconic International resort”?

If you, like us, have concerns about the suitability of the “Nicklaus” Joint Venture Group as preferred developers for this resort and think that the Council are taking A MASSIVE RISK with Council Tax-payers money, then please contact Councillors to voice your concerns. Contact emails can be found in the link below:

Please also consider writing to the local press, such as the Wirral Globe and the Liverpool Echo to voice your concerns. The more people who voice their concerns, the more likely it is that the Council will have to listen!

Thank you for your support.

The Stop Hoylake Golf Resort Team