Wirral Labour Party change of heart

Wirral Council's Majority Group, the Labour Party, has had a change of heart regarding our Green Belt.

It has come out resoundingly against building on it.

In the Wirral Globe 16 February 2017 under the headline

Council leader prepares for battle with Whitehall over 'housebuilding threat' to Wirral's green belt

that can be read here

and, again on 23 February as if to make perfectly clear the Party's change of heart, Council Leader, Phil Davies, is quoted as saying

"adamant that he will not sanction the release of green belt land"

"not prepared to allow our green belt land to be built on. I am resolute about that commitment."

"It is the jewel in Wirral's crown and greatly valued by our residents."

This change of heart can be used to change policy. Every word that our Labour Councillors utter regarding Green Belt must be closely examined and where it differs, they must be reminded of their Leader's words that he is adamantly resolute in his commitment not to release Green Belt land, our Jewel in the Crown, for building and development.