Our Council thinks that the Hoylake Golf Resort will be a good investment for jobs on the Wirral.

Golf Resort Jobs
Council says that the Golf Resort will provide 175 on-site jobs.
It has so far spent about £1million of Council Tax-payers cash on the project            (with an unstated amount on staff - probably near £2million).
This equates to at least £5,700 per job and may be as much as £11,000.

The Reach Out Partnership

Over the past few years Council has commissioned the Reach Out Partnership           to deliver its Worklessness Support Service costing £4,975,821.
1,968 people have been helped find work.
This equates to £2,528 per job.

Wirral Chamber of Commerce

From 2013 to 2016 Council gave £185,482 to Wirral Chamber of Commerce

          to deliver the Merseyside Business Support Programme.
2,991 jobs have been created and safeguarded.
This equates to £62 per job!

Hoylake Golf Resort - Jobs

Is the Golf Resort really the best way to invest for jobs
when much better outcomes for jobs and employment can be achieved by investing in other projects?