23 January 2017


Please sign and share this petition to say NO to the Hoylake Golf Resort and Luxury Housing Development on OUR precious Green Belt. If this resort goes ahead it will set a VERY DANGEROUS PRECEDENT and it will make it far easier for developers to build houses on other Green Belt in the area, including Gilroy Scrape!
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Wirral Council is proposing to override planning policy to allow a private developer to build a golf resort and luxury housing estate on a huge 295 acres of Green Belt Land between Hoylake, West Kirby and Meols.

The development includes a 250 bed -  5 star hotel, conference facilities  and spa, 2 golf courses and clubhouses, a links academy, large car park (for 1000s of cars), a new link road, maintenance buildings and, so far, 185 luxury houses.

It is clear that this is, in fact, a Green Belt Housing Development with the “smokescreen” of a Golf Resort attached!

This would set a VERY DANGEROUS PRECEDENT for development on Green Belt Land. Already a developer has submitted plans for a further housing estate in West Kirby adjacent to the proposed Golf Resort!

The development contravenes planning policy. Once planning permission is approved the site will lose its green belt status and more houses could then be built on it.

Wirral Council is undertaking millions of pounds of cuts to essential services. The Council have already spent £237,000 on the resort.  They have just committed to spending a further £600,000 of Council Tax Payers money to undertake surveys and studies ON BEHALF OF A PRIVATE DEVELOPER who then stands to make a massive profit from a luxury housing estate. This spending may not be the last that we are asked to pay for!

Consultants’ reports have stated that the resort IS NOT FINANCIALLY VIABLE without the enabling housing development. In 16 years of trying to promote this resort, the Council has not been able to find a developer until the luxury housing estate was added to the plan.

The Wirral Visitor Research Study (Dec 2016) shows that our visitors want open countryside.

The site is on bio-diverse farmland which is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, including species of national and international importance. Golf courses are highly mechanised and intensively managed with high volumes of water, pesticides and fertilizers. The proposed course is an American-style parklands resort which will be exactly the wrong kind of habitat for the species which currently use the area as an undisturbed refuge.

The housing development and resort would have an impact on local infrastructure and services (such as schools and GP surgeries). The new road will significantly increase traffic from the M53 through Saughall Massie.

The site is on the River Birket Floodplain. Over recent years, we have been reminded time and time again of the perils of building on flood plains. Surface water run-off from the large paved areas of the development (car parks, road, large roof areas and the housing estate) will increase flood risk for Meols and Moreton.

Wirral Council has undertaken only a weak public consultation exercise. Of the 1400 responses that the Council received, 1311 were either opposed or had concerns. Wirral Council has not consulted the community about alternative options for the site.

Wirral Council states that the resort would promote tourism and provide just 170, mostly low paid, low skilled jobs. We already have plenty of golf Courses on the Wirral. The tourism case is not proven and 5 star resorts are designed to keep tourists “in resort”. The hotel and spa would be a competitor to the businesses in West Kirby, Hoylake, Meols and beyond. The golf resort would be a competitor to many of the hotels, leisure facilities and golf courses in the area, some of which are already struggling.

Wirral has an outstanding natural heritage, with fantastic country parks and coastline. We should be enhancing what is unique to Wirral and already brings many tourists to the area. The RSPB has membership of over 1 million and is growing. Golf club membership is 700,000 and declining.

An alternative use of the site could be an eco-resort with Martin Mere Style wetlands centre.  Martin Mere supports many jobs, boosts the local economy and has 200,000 visitors per year

Investment in jobs and tourism in sustainable projects such as an eco-resort or the Wirral Docklands would provide significantly better outcomes in terms of employment, housing, regeneration and tourism – without destroying OUR PRECIOUS GREEN BELT.

This petition is intended to show the Council the extent of the local communities’ opposition to its outrageous waste of taxpayers’ money pursuing its “vanity” golf resort and green belt housing development. This is an ill-thought out project, it has unfounded benefits to the people of Wirral and huge negative impacts which would destroy the beautiful character of the area!